Cybortra make your animal identification easier!
Sheep&Goat Electronic Visual Ear Tag
134.2kHz Sheep&Goat Visual RFID Ear Tag
ISO11784/11785 FDX-B HDX Compliant ear tags,HITAG, EM Series Chip
Flag shape ear tags those with flat wide plastic surfaces designed to present the ID code printed by laser.
HDX Visual Electronic Animal Ear Tag
134.2kHz RFID Visual Animal HDX Button
ISO11784/11785 HDX Compliant ear tags,HITAG, EM Series Chip
Two-times injection molding process and good Waterproof and anti-collision performance.
Single-use syringe with 1.4*8mm subsize microchip,134.2kHz Transponder
134.2kHz 1.4mm * 8mm microchip
ISO11784/11785 FDX-B and ISO14223 Compliant transponder,Hitag-µ Chip
Bio-compatible glass encapsulation,Processed in EO gas,Proof-immigration coating,Senior medical dialysis paper.