Cybortra make your animal identification easier!
134.2 kHz Animal RFID HDX Ear Tag
134.2kHz Large Animal HDX Button
ISO11784/11785 HDX Compliant ear tags,HDX Chip
Cattle rfid ear tags, swine rfid ear tags, goat rfid ear tags, sheep rfid ear tags, deer rfid ear tags, any livestock tags.
Sheep&Goat Electronic Visual Ear Tag
134.2kHz Sheep&Goat Visual RFID Ear Tag
ISO11784/11785 FDX-B HDX Compliant ear tags,HITAG, EM Series Chip
Flag shape ear tags those with flat wide plastic surfaces designed to present the ID code printed by laser.
HDX Visual Electronic Animal Ear Tag
134.2kHz RFID Visual Animal HDX Button
ISO11784/11785 HDX Compliant ear tags,HITAG, EM Series Chip
Two-times injection molding process and good Waterproof and anti-collision performance.
Ear Tag Pliers
CY152P          Ear Tag Pliers
Also call ear tag applicator
Customized ear tag applicator is suitable for our ear tag.
Insure the ear tag is applied in righ way and reduce the loss rate.
2 in 1 Function RFID Microchip Scanner, Read both RFID ID and barcode
134.2&125kHz Read both RFID microchip ID and the barcode
ISO11784/85 FDX-B and ID64 ARM (STM32),EEPROM,storage 6000 items
CE&ISO approved,USB2.0.SDK.Spanish,Portuguese,English.Software on PC and PDA,One year guarantee
134.2kHz Portable Handheld RFID Stick Reader for Livestock Management
134.2kHz ISO 11784/85 FDX-B HDX Compliant and ID64
RFID reader functions of reading, storing, displaying and transmitting via USB or Bluetooth
Can be used in the management of breeding stock dairy stock, fatstock and animal slaughter to trace individual identification.
Animal ID Transponder Applicator
Specially designed for the CY152Tn
Applicator body use ultrasonic welding technology, high tension and durable
Along with its sales togethe,more volume to reduce to freight,reduce biohazardous waste
Single-use syringe with 1.4*8mm subsize microchip,134.2kHz Transponder
134.2kHz 1.4mm * 8mm microchip
ISO11784/11785 FDX-B and ISO14223 Compliant transponder,Hitag-µ Chip
Bio-compatible glass encapsulation,Processed in EO gas,Proof-immigration coating,Senior medical dialysis paper.
RFID Pigeon &Poultry foot ring tag
Specially designed for pigeon competition
ISO11784 FDX-B,Hitags,Em,or other chips,125&134.2kHz
Small size for baby pigeons, Easy to clean, extra light,normal size for big pigeons,large size for chickens or ducks.
134.2kHz Animal Tracking PDA
ISO11784/85 134.2kHz Handheld Computer Terminal
WinCE 6.0,1D/2D bar codes,WIFI,GPRS,Bluetooth,GPS,IP64
Mobile device for data reading of livestock RFID tags.appropriate for Livestock,Slaughter House,Veterinary.
RFID Rumen Bolus
CY158B          RFID Rumen Bolus
134.2kHz ISO11784/85 HDX FDX-B biocompatible Ceramic
There types : 20g 50g 70g , specially design for cattle,small cattle,sheep and deer
Rumen bolus is recommended as a safe, permanent and tamper-proof method of electronic identification and Cattle Bolus is also suitable to trace stolen cattle.