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RFID Pigeon &Poultry foot ring tag

Product Description

RFID Pigeon tag is an animal electronic tag specially designed for Pigeon competition. It meets the ISO11784 International standard. It uses the Hightags,EM or other chips, so it is readable and has a unique design for data security. It has two designs of open and closed so that it can be easily used for various pigeons. We can offer a very effective solution for the pigeon competitions by using our companys timing equipment together.

Three sizes to choose, small for baby pigeons, Easy to clean, extra light,normal for big pigeons,large for chickens or ducks.

 -RFID Pigeon &Poultry foot ring tag
Tag Standard
Chip Model
Tag Frequency

Tag Height
Tag Diameter
Tag Colour
Tag Material

Anti-Collision Standard
Shaking Standard
Storage Temperature
Operating Temperature
Period of Validity

ISO11784 FDX-B
Hitags,Em,or other chips
125 ± 5 kHz

11mm ± 0.2mm
8mm ± 0.4mm
Blue, Black
Polypropylene or ABS

IEC 68-2-27
IEC 68-2-6
-20°C to +90°C
0°C to 50°C
more than 5 years

RFID pigeon tag and poultry tag
Product feature  

1.High tensile strength, processing stability, good toughness, free from high temperature and low temperature, acid and alkali resistance.

2.Non-toxic, no smell, no stimulation, no pollution. Uniform color, wear does not fade in the natural environment characteristics.

3.Overall performance is superior and convenient to operate of the animal epidemic prevention

4.customised logo available on the plastic housing