Cybortra make your animal identification easier!

About Us

We are a technology company focuses on RFID technology's application in animal identification. We provide complete range of RFID products and software in livestock traceability from the production to retail. We developed and produce animal microchip, scanner, scanner with barcode use for pet and small animal management, ear tag for cattle, sheep, swine, stick reader use for livestock management. All of our products conform to ISO11784/11785 standard which is the most common and advanced standard.  
Cybortra Make your animal identification easier!  
We are committed to keep launching complete solution which is most low-cost, most economical, most efficient to address ever increasing various complexity related to animal identification as well as to facilitate and promote RFID technology for animal identification and traceability.  
Service Advantage:  
In order to provide better service and use easily our solution and products we also have built a online service platform to serve our partner and customer.We aim to enhance the management efficiency of our partner and customer.  
Our business philosophy:  
doowa business philosophy
doowa rfid,animal rfidINNOVATION committed to create new product and solution for animal identification
doowa rfid,animal rfidSERVICE always provide best service to our partner and customer
doowa rfid,animal rfidMUTUAL BENEFIT build the best business models to establish win-win relationship with our partner and customer